Want to color?

Christmas images for children

babbo natale da colorare

Children like using paper and colored pencils. Luckily, because this fact helps them to develop their creativity and also educates them to manual skills that many are missing out. Just look at how many people write bad.
The images you find on this page come from ideas that we had surfing the Net or by our stories and fables.
They all are in GIF and vector (SVG) formats. The former is already dimensioned according to an A4 sheet. On the contrary, you can adapt the latter to the sheet according to your wishes.
All images are in black and white and free downloadable.
Of course, the most popular subject is Santa Claus ;))
Do you want to read his stories?

Black and white Christmas drawings

Santa winks ...

Black and white Santa drawing to be free downloaded

Download and let your kid color and hang it in his room.
If you download SVG format, you can adapt it to your sheet and leave the place for a little poem too.
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... in the foreground ...

Santa free download

The nice big face of Santa Claus looks at you and smiles. Download, adapt to what you want, print and color to make greeting and place cards, ornaments for your tree ...
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Here's the protagonist of our stories

black and white simple santa drawing

Dear kid, have you already read our stories whose character is Santa? Well, here he is! Download, print, color, cut out, paste it on foam rubber or where you want and ... play! relive all his adventures!
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... smiles ...

Santa smiling

What about using this image to make simple place cards for your Christmas table? Download SVG format and adapt it to a business card. Print it in order your business card can be folded in half. Let your kid color the image and write near the face the guest name.
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Teddy bear with gifts

teddy bear with christmas gifts

Png or vector drawing of a teddy inside a sock along with many other gifts. Use a 3D pen to color it, paste on foam rubber or where you want and then hang in your kid bedroom. This is a very simple to do craft idea for children.
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