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Santa's stories: 10 hungry little fish

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Santa Claus adventures on the beach


December 15, missing 10 days ...

... 10 like those ravenous little fish that had mistaken my ankles for some good nuggets. Surely you're wondering what is the relationship between Santa Claus and sea fish. I'm going to tell you.
One morning I decided to change the direction of my reindeers and get below the equator. My bones had absolute need of hot sun after all the cold days spent in Northern Europe. Oh, I like the cold, mind you. But even Santa Claus allows himself a day of sun and sea from time to time.
I chose a quiet beach in the south of Australia. I was walking barefoot on the sand enjoying the warmth that was coming up slowly throughout my body. Indeed even pants and white shirt that I 'd worn for the occasion were beginning to annoy me. So I stopped and while I was rolling up my pants and taking off my shoes, I was looking at the kids on the beach. I had to gather my thoughts for them, of course! All children in the world are the same for me. Year after year, beach games do not change much.
"This year there are those strange kites, so colorful " - I said to myself while at the same time I was touching the water with the right big toe.
"Acceptable temperature, almost pleasant" - I thought and put both my feet in the water definitely.
"That's great! I'd be here until this evening ... "
I had been there for a few minutes when ... ouch! ... I pulled up the left foot, bothered by a pinprick. It could not be a crab, they cause much more harm. The water was crystal clear. I couldn't see anything. Finally I put my big foot in the water again. I did not have the time to touch the sandy bottom that another pinprick, this time on my right ankle, annoyed me even more. But who was daring to disturb Santa Claus? I concentrated in the water around my feet. It has that indefinable blue-green but so beautiful that only clean sea can give you. And finally I could see the origin of all my problems. Ten little fish of the same color of the water were chasing each other around my ankles and one of them ... zac .. sometimes enjoyed to give me a little clamp.
Within a few seconds the joke had become so unbearable that I was jumping up and down on my feet more and more annoyed. Suddenly a little boy with a bucket and a net appeared out of nowhere. In less than no time he solved my problem transferring the fish from the net to his bucket. A toothless smile lit up his face watching his booty. I observed him to repeat the same operation around other swimmers.
I smiled, I knew what to bring to that kid on Christmas night, definitely not kites!

What will Santa bring to that kid on Christmas night? be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))