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Santa's stories: A thief disguised as Santa Claus

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 13, missing 12 ...

... 12 like the stand of a big shopping mall where I had a very strange adventure. We were close to Christmas. Like every year I enjoyed to walk through cities and towns to see me distributing gifts, candies, chocolates, pats on the cheeks or to see me photographed with dozens of children. Obviously nobody was really me but there were many look-alikes that disguised themselves for business or pleasure, to give a few moments of happiness to so many children. Blessed naivety! But is it possible - I said - none of them can understand that they are not really me? No suspicious to have been embraced by a Santa Claus and soon after by another one, shorter and with more belly?
Ah, ah, ah ... however I enjoyed very much until that bad afternoon when I was attracted by a scary noise in the stand 12. 12, in fact.
Incredible chaos. Dozens of children were almost fighting to climb on the lap of Santa Claus. Well, I must say that Santa Claus looked like me, for real! Imposing as me. With a beautiful belly like me. Two cherry red cheeks like me. A beautiful white beard, well combed and full of curls, like me. White hair sticking out from under a hat trimmed with fur like me. Uhhh ... fur? Something was wrong. I would never have put any animal skin on me, even if I had been tied up. For all of the reindeers in Lapland! I was just disappointed when I looked at his jacket better ... it was all trimmed with fur too! I don't like my portraits with the usual white and red uniform. Patience for the colors. On the other hand they are my favorites. But I sometimes change my colors, do you know? But the fur ... never. My white edges are made of wool. That's all.
I approached, more curious than ever and looked at my look-alike with more attention. I could not be recognized, I was disguised as a piper. And so we were both in costume :)) But ... you can not even imagine what my eyes saw! He appeared so good and loving as Santa Claus but that man was a real villain. With the excuse to caress the children and put in the pocket of everyone a candy he was able to hide, stealthily, a bug. Can you guess in which pockets? obviously the pockets of those children accompanied by very well dressed parents ...
Have you understood children? Look at that bastard - I thought to myself - I wonder how many houses will be pillaged during Holiday Season. Ah, but now you'll see what will happen to you. Word of Santa Claus! I concentrated well and began to play. It was a magical music, a call for all the bugs that escaped from the pockets of children and as a long snake came towards me.
With a clever move I made them disappear inside my sleeve. The children meanwhile had found another point of attraction. Me! What a beautiful moment. I played many Christmas songs for them and saw them happy, all those little faces, so confident. The other me in the meantime had decided to cut and run! Just as well, fewer problems :))

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))