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Santa's stories: At Bertha's

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 21, missing 4 days ...

... 4 as the ideas that, sitting in front of my chocolate that now was cooling, came to me to get in touch with Bertha the witch.
Do you remember, children, I had uncovered six spy-leaves that shadowed me? and that I spied in my turn Bertha getting in touch with her magic ball?
The easiest but also extremely dangerous thing was entering her thoughts. Bertha was a powerful witch. She could have found it very easily. So she could have devised another plan. I could not allow that.
Waiting for her to return to her magic ball? It wasn't said she did immediately. I had already been lucky before. Challenging the luck with the little time I had was a big gamble.
Another solution was to seek help from gnomes of Bosco. They could have spied on the witch and tell me all I needed. But I discarded that possibility immediately. I would have put them in danger. I would have called no more me Santa Claus.
No. The only thing to do was to use her own weapons. I would have transformed me too. I had heard she asked her raven to bring two more bags of leaves. With a little luck I would have found other leaves in her house among them to disguise myself. But I had to be careful. It was a less dangerous tactic than trying to steal her thoughts but it was enough that something got out of my control to be recognized. Just as it had happened to me with her six leaves.
First of all, I had to look for the leaves I needed. Outside the chocolate shop there were as many leaves as I wanted but I couldn't go out, pick some of them and come back as if anything had happened. Can you imagine the faces of the other customers?
Ah ah ah ah.
"Oh Santa - I said - be serious. The moment is critical and you have to give the best of yourself."
What I did shortly after was not less shocking for the astonished owner who saw me to get up, take the plant that he had on the balcony and put it on my table. All this being very careful not to be seen from outside.
"In my opinion this plant is much better here, isn't it?"
And to put to rest any question or any complaint I ordered a second chocolate with pastries with the prayer to wait a quarter of an hour before serving it.
At this point I had to set the scene. I drank the first chocolate. It was not bad even though it was lukewarm. I took out a book from my pocket. I put my special glasses on the nose and pretended to immerse myself in reading. Meanwhile I was playing with a few leaves of the plant nonchalantly. It was the contact I needed. My special glasses could make me look into Bertha's home.
"I only hope there are leaves there" - I thought.
Something did not work. The contact was very evanescent and discontinuous. The images came and went. In fact I could be everywhere. I hadn't still seen my enemy, the witch. Something more was necessary. I had to sacrifice a couple of my beard hairs. What a pity! I pulled hard.
"Ouch." I always felt a deep pain to separate myself from my beard, even just a little. My beard is magical. You'll learn very soon, kids.
I tightened hairs and leaves between my fingers and concentrated again. This time there was a jump in the space. Immediately.
I found myself in a large room, lit by a large fireplace. A pot with a concoction of brown color was suspended over the fire.
My field of vision was filled by the unmistakable, big and black shadow of Bertha, on the wall illuminated by the fire. A few seconds and I saw her really. She stirred her swill with a big dipper. Then he pulled up a bit, sniffed and tasted. She looked like satisfied. The witch put the spoon, took a pair of scissors nearby, came over to my place with a grin fierce and ...
The rest tomorrow, children. It 's time to go to bed. Sweet dreams from Santa ;))

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))