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Santa's stories: Bertha's plan

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 24, missing 1 day ...

... 1 day and 1 night and tomorrow, in the morning, when you wake up you'll find your gifts, dear children. Nothing changes. Santa Claus comes every year defying even the most serious problems like the one that I 'm telling you these days.
Do you remember? Everything started last year when, a few days before Christmas, while I was walking around the city, I identified six leaves that were stalking me. I immediately thought of my forever enemy, Bertha the witch. In fact ... I managed to get in touch with her magic ball and then even to poke into her house while she was preparing a magic potion. But I didn't yet know what she was concocting. Definitely a plan for Christmas Eve, to make me miss the delivery of gifts. I had understood many things thanks to Zafferano, the eagle owl. Well ... I must be honest here. I can't remember exactly what happened after buying it in a pet store. I only have a vague memory. I associate in my head images of a shampoo to my hair and beard with snowy forest with a black bird on its background! But my friends, the gnomes, have promised me to tell me everything when I 'm back from my long trip. On the night of December 25. I can not wait. I have been waiting for an year. But back to the big trouble that Bertha was preparing.
Zafferano, the eagle owl, had told me a lot of things.
The witch was planning certainly something evil about all the gifts I had to deliver. So far nothing new. She had already tried in the past, several times.
She was preparing as many leaves as the houses I had to visit. Uhhh ... I expected this ...
She was in desperate need of my route.
The six leaves were stalking me to get hold of all addresses.
But more than that he couldn't help me because his source of information continued saying only a word: upside down. The only word who was able to remind about the magic formula that Bertha had prepared.
Not bad. Whatever might be the intention of my enemy I had definitely cleared my ideas and now I knew what to do.
The real problem was how to enable the six spy-leaves to steal the route and all the associated addresses. You must know, children, that both are protected by a powerful spell. Do not worry! To let Bertha know the houses where I had to go was part of my personal plan.
But ... mumble, mumble ... how could I unlock the magic formula that protected the data if I didn't remember it?
I needed an idea ... a great idea!
In the meantime, I was heading towards the park where I had hidden my sleigh and reindeers from human eyes.
The idea came to me when I saw a man, advanced in years and with a beard like mine, who was sitting on a bench. Evidently he wasn't cold with all that wind.
I looked at him better. But of course! If if he and I were exchanged, even if only for a few seconds with him, I would have offered to those leaves the opportunity they sought. The list of addreesses was incomplete for only few names and I had all in my head.
As soon as I thought that I made the exchange. Well, it was not a real exchange. I can say that I "moved" some of my thoughts on him. Guess what thoughts! But Santa Claus is always Santa Claus. His face relaxed for a moment and a smile appeared. My mind, however, was invaded by a great sorrow. How was it that this man suffered so much? His wife was paralyzed and he had no more money to pay for a caregiver to take care of her. He was old and tired. He could never have done alone all the work. This, however, for Santa Claus was not a problem. I could solve everything by the next morning with the help of all half-elves I know. It took a few seconds for the leaves copied all the addresses. And then as fast as the light they faded away in the wind.
Fiuuuhh ... I could finally return home safely without those boring leaves followed me any longer.
I winked at the old man as a sign of greeting and walked away. Home, sweet home I 'm coming!
The next day, early in the morning and with a fresh mind, I sat at my desk. I had to think of a magic formula for all my gift packs. In my head I repeated the word the owl Zafferano had told me: upside down. Now Bertha's plan was clear to me. A leaf able to recite an incantation would have waited for me at every address. A leaf for every address. Probably in order to change the present. Might upside down mean for example a doll 's head instead of legs? or a machine with wheels instead of the roof?
In any case, it was easy for me to intervene. It would have been enough to cancel any spell launched during the night on Christmas gift packs. Do you see children? There is no need to worry when there is Santa Claus. Less than an hour was enough for me to think of a suitable magic formula and apply it to all the gift packs.
And now I beg you: please be good ... otherwise ... do you like coal? You can't know what may happen to you ... ah ah ah ah!
See you tomorrow. Don't you wish to know the list of gifts to Nikita, Raul ... ?

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))