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Santa's stories: Bertha the witch

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 9, missing 16 days, 16 remembers me a house number ...

... very, very special and an adventure that happened to me some years ago.
Bbrrr, when I think of it I still rub my nose. It all happened because Roper, the oldest of my fellow gnomes, had committed a glaring error in the address list. He had overturned a number that became 16 from 61.
But let us proceed with order.
Christmas night was running away. I had lost a lot of time in the last house where I had found some mouth-watering chocolates! I had not been able to resist the temptation ...
If I had been less distracted by the food I'd have detected some signals but you know how it is when you have an entire box of chocolates to digest!
Here we were. I pulled the reins. Uuhh! Uuhh! It was the signal for my reindeers. Pawing and snorting they stopped right in front of the window of number 16.
I got out of the sleigh and looked for the package with the exact address. Then I walked to the entrance. It's mathematical. Two steps and with the third I'm at the entrance. Do not look at me with that surprise, children, come on! It's a lot of time that I don't use the chimney. Luckily. In the past, I always came home black and white. Now I simply enter through the door or the window. Or better said ... I'm over the windows or door. Eh, eh, I challenge you to find anyone who has more magical powers than me.
But that time ... I was with my nose pressed to the glass and ... for all the reindeers of Lapland ... I was also slipping down. And we were on the fifth floor! I was just in time to see two blacks and bad eyes staring at me. But in those eyes it was growing a laughter, disruptive like a waterfall. Never let it be ... I would never have let this witch have her way. But how was it possible? I knew her very well. Bertha the witch? But doesn't she live at Bosco, in a mushroom? That viper had transformed the house wall in a slippery trap.
I could not hold me anywhere. I weight too much. Damn me and my throat! I was going down like a dead weight, thanks to the surprise.
Then anger took the place of surprise and a magic spell could stop me. My reindeers came to my rescue and in less than a lamp they brought me back in front of her window.
Few and simple words to enter: "Out of the termagant, in Santa" to find myself in her living room, but no trace of her. My reindeers were waiting for her but they came up empty.
"Ah, you'll frighten me ... do you want the war Bertha? And you will have the war! "... A little patience, children. As soon as gnomes have finished writing I will tell you the rest. It will be my Christmas gift for all of you.

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))