Santa Claus Stories

Santa's stories: 22 football players

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 3, missing 22 days, 22 as the children of two football teams ...

... that I always see playing their game on Sunday morning.

You should know I 'm very lazy on Sunday morning.
Well, it is a public holiday, right?
Even if I get up early ... everyone sleeps more!
So it is only at 11 a.m. that I get out of my sled after parking it behind the ancient pine tree that marks the natural border between the park and the back of the church. It 's well hidden, believe me. Don 't bother to look for it. You will never find my sled. Ah, ah, ah!
Crossing the park I always see some little children running after a ball. What do they find so funny? Dunno, only they know the answer!
I never stopped there but last Sunday there was such a mess that I could not help but get close.
A brown-eyed child with very thin blond hair was sitting and rubbing his ankle. Someone told me he had fallen awkwardly because he had found the leg of his opponent between his ones - oh!? - and now his opponent was sitting near, trying to comfort him.
The little boy was in despair. He had got hurt - you could think - no,no! You are out! The pain was not the cause of his tears. He was crying because he had soiled pants and shirt with which he should have gone to church with Mom and Dad. Not to mention his shoes ... You can imagine ...
I loved those kids so much ... I 've already noticed that once finished their game they all went together to make a snack at the kiosk nearby.
I looked at them better. Now I knew what to bring them as Christmas gift ...

What will Santa bring to these kids? Be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))