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December 25, here's the gift list I 'd promised.

Curios? want to know what I brought to the characters of my stories last night?
Read below ...

  • The homeless Dalia and her doggerel She has found a ticket, pinned on her darned blanket with which she takes cover from the cold of the night. I have left her the address of a watchmaker who usually seeks spare parts. Who knows if it will be the birth of a collaboration and a new opportunity for Dalia?
  • Matilda and Raul I can imagine Matilda's surprise this morning when she has found a mini-oven. Very suitable for baking cakes. And then a cookbook for children with a special dedication.
    "Before you extend the hand
    think well with your head.
    For every trouble you see to get
    the solution you can find yet. "
    Santa Claus
  • The two football teams In this case the solution was very easy. For every child: a suit of a special material, warm in winter and cool in summer, that makes nobody sweat; a backpack; a pair of overshoes.
    In other words everything a child needs to play football and not get dirty. And then, after the game, all in the backpack to join his parents in the nearby church. Of course of two different colors depending on the team ;))
  • Restaurant in skyscraper Remember that little girl with a toothless smile? and her mother, who had not moved even when she had seen her daughter dipping her finger in my cream more than once? I framed the photo I had taken with my pole-cell. In the accompanying note I remember to that mother that good manners must be learned since an early age and perhaps, when adult, it wouldn't be wrong to go over them now and then. What do you think about?
  • The young teacher That young teacher was very nice but she needed to learn that children can't be educated with biscuits. So, under her Christmas tree, she has found a book written by a special teacher, a friend of mine who is a part of the people of half-elves. Difficult classes are always assigned to her and so she gained a lot of experience. I 'd asked her to write some advice. She wrote a complete book ... I think it will be very useful ;))
  • Roasted chestnuts And the gift for my reindeers and elks? I got everything needed for a beautiful wolf-proof fence. But now, poor me! I know very well what I 'll do in the long months waiting for the next fall, when my friends, the gnomes of Bosco, go back.
  • Journey preparation To make gifts to my friends gnomes is always a problem. They have no desire and are able to build almost anything. But this time I had no problems. Their responsibilities has been increasing since they have at home Fairy Elle. So I decided to help them with a booklet. One for every gnome, with a collection of small spells that might come in handy. Given the uncomfortable proximity of Berta the witch ... I hope they know how to make good use!
  • Little girl That girl was really delightful. Now she is an adult. I can imagine her surprise by opening an unexpected gift box this morning: an album with pictures and dialogues with her mom, coming home from school. I wanted to call it: the child of 17.
  • Bertha the witch I 'd promised you the story of the first war between me and my enemy Bertha the witch. Fairy Elle will tell it to you. You just have to wait for the gnomes to come back to Bosco. My little fairy must begin to know that witch. She lives too close to her.
  • Nikita My gift? An employment contract for her mother ... necessary to solve the problem of that broken little family. Among all my acquaintances I easily found an old childless couple who needed a housekeeper and who did not mind the presence of children.
  • The little shepherd Do you remember that poor shepherd who had lost a lamb? Next to him this morning, he has found an "mp3" with lots of music and stories and a useful solar charger.
  • My pole-cell How can I forget those blue eyes behind her glasses with pink rhinestones? To her, of course, a special toy for her attention and discretion. From now on she will be able to let everyone see the version of her very, very special cell. Designed just for her!
  • 10 hungry little fish Eh, eh, eh ... that child has found a whole fishing equipment, including diving accessories :))
  • Bones stuck in Santa's throat What could I ever bring to that dark-haired boy who had helped me to free myself from the thorns? he was very composed, disciplined and careful to those who were around him. Perhaps ... a puzzle with thousands of pieces, the photo of my living room with me near the portraits of my friends penguins. Exactly what you see at the beginning of this page. One of these days I will come to him and see if he liked my personal gift :))
  • At the electronics fair I had to explain to the parents of that child who liked to do the target shooting what he was able to do when they left him alone close to a bag of chips. Under the Christmas tree this morning, they have found a nice collection of photos of his little face while he was taking aim and of the damages caused. I included an invitation to take care of him or, at least, to take out adequate insurance on the damages that he could cause ...
  • Music on the beach In this case to rescue that beautiful child to a bad fate and make him live like many peers the only solution was to find a job to his dad. For the moment, he is a waiter in a restaurant in a big city where he can sometimes play and sing at the end of his workshift.
  • The six leaves, The crystal ball, At Bertha's, The magic potion, The eagle owl, Bertha's plan Remember? all they are the episodes of my latest adventure with Bertha the witch. Just missing the episode whose starring is the owl Zafferano. Gnomes has just given me tonight when I has got home after my long journey around the worl. Fairy Elle will read it to you because this tale is closely linked to the magical world of Bosco. Wait patiently for the gnomes to come home!

And if you are interested in fairy tales ... come and visit the wonderful land of Fairy Elle

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))