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Santa's stories: journey preparation

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Santa Claus home to do by hand


December 7, missing 18 days, 18 like the time when ...

... on Chistmas Eve I begin preparations for my long journey.

All day long the gnomes, that live in November and December with me to help me make toys, load my sleigh.
You should know, dear kids, it is not an easy task. First we have to trace the route. My journey is very long. Luckily I have 24 hours. I usually start from the distant lands of Asia. And then down along Japan and Australia. Up to Indonesia and China. The next country? Russia. And then quickly down to India. Africa looms on the horizon. Here my reindeers or my mooses, depending on the year, make me go in circles. Running in great leaps I 'm in Europe. When it 's its turn, my journey is a bit easier. With the lights of the cities I orient myself better. How beautiful it is to run over the Atlantic with the wind in my face. Finally I 'm in America. My labor is about to end.
Now you can understand easily that we can make no mistake. Think what would happen if the gift for Akuro was under all and that for Tom up. But it has never happened, don't worry!
And then there's another problem. Have you ever thought about how many packs shall I load? How many children are waiting for their gift like you? Well, I have a magic sleigh with a double bottom that hides everything. The more I fill it, the more I have space.
At 6 p.m., finally, I can start thinking about myself. A nice warm bath. A good meal. Well, my journey is so long ... But I 've already told it to you, right? The age is advancing, there is nothing to do. Sorry :(( What was I telling you? Oh yeah ...
I give my boots a brush. A quick press to my most beautiful dress: red and white. How much I like it! I comb my hair and brush my beard. I 'm ready for my red hat. I put on my warm gloves. I shut down my belt that is completed with a compass and all my navigation charts. I set my clock with the globe, very important for me. I 'm ready! A last thing to do ... put my gifts for gnomes under Christmas tree. To find out what are their gifts this year you have to wait ... Gnomes will open them when I return.
Do I forget anything? No, I 'm sure and ready to leave. I get on my sleigh. Meanwhile 23:00 p.m., hour of Melbourne and Sydney, has come. Soon the children go to bed and Santa Claus can arrive ...
Shh! Do not wake them ... I wonder if they have prepared any water for my reindeers and cookies for me ... ;))

What will Santa bring to gnomes? Be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))