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Santa's stories: little girl

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 8, missing 17 days ... uhhh 17 is a bad number ...

... someone says.
But is it true? This number makes me think of a little girl that I knew many, many years ago.
That little girl had a blind faith in me and waited for me anxiously every year. Christmas after Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, before going to sleep, she was used to prepare a bowl of fresh water for my reindeers. Then she took some cookies from the pile that her mother had already set aside, near her mug for breakfast, and put them near the water. Then she always wrote a note. Every year the same.
"Thank you, dear Santa Claus"
And all the years I was moved for her delicacy. She was the only one who was used to thank me.
So every year I used to go and visit her in disguise. Eh, eh, you can not imagine how much I enjoy dressing up.
I was curious to see how she lived, what she did and thought. Confused with parents waiting for their children outside the school, I looked at her with attention.
She came out of the school always happy but sometimes she was really beaming.
"Mom, I took 8 in maths ... the highest mark in Italian ... and I had done my classworks on Friday 17. I was fine. Only my friends may think when the 17th falls on a Friday it is an unlucky day. 17 is a nice number." And so it became the little 17 for me.
Along the way, she told her mother what had happened in class with her teacher, best friend, classmates, even the caretaker too. And her mother looked happy, squeezing sometimes her hand in order to communicate all her love.
I will always remember that little girl. Two braids. A nice round little face. The black apron with a white collar and its bow. All Italian children went to school like that in those years. And I remember even her in carnival dress. A beautiful blue sky tunic that a year was a fairy costume with a pointed hat and a year later became a beautiful sun with a great image of our star on the front of the tunic ...
I had brought her no gift for so many years ... I've decided. I'll give her a surprise ...

What will Santa bring to that little girl? Be patient until the 25th of December ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better these stories. Thank you :))