Santa Claus Stories

Santa's stories: Matilda and Raul

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 2, missing 23 days, 23 as the pastries in the tray ...

... of the best pastry shop in the city.
Yes, dear children. My tonnage speaks for me. I am a glutton.
And when I go for a walk in disguise I can 't help but stop at my favorite pastry shop. Eyes and nose enjoy a lot.
But it 's some days that pastries are no longer 24 in the tray at the center of the window.
After 8 in the morning, one is always missing. In that corner, there, in the top right!
So I found a place where to hide and observe everything.
At about 7:30 a little girl always enters. She holds a coin in her hands.
"Can you give me a chocolate croissant, please? - Says she, kindly, to the pastry chef.
And while he prepares her bag she hides her arm behind her back and, oplÓ, a cannolo is in her pocket!
Intrigued, I followed her. Too early to go to school .. in fact ...
She makes a long tour towards the door of a church where there is a Rom boy, begging for alms.
He seems very thin and hungry. He needs just a moment to devour both croissant and cannolo. The two children play for a few minutes. And then they say hello.
So I knew their names: Matilda and Raul.
"I think Matilda gives up her snack for Raul ... but nobody has to steal ... I know what I 'll bring to Matilda and Raul on Christmas Eve" ... and, smiling, I continued my walk.

What will Santa bring to Matilda and Raul? Be patient until 25 December ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))