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Santa's stories: My pole-cell

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 14, missing 11 days ...

... 11 like the strokes of the clock in the city hall which fortunately confused the sound of my pole-cell that ... damn ... I wasn't able to find.
But where was it? In this pocket? No! In this other? Nor! In my pants? Not at all!
"Ah, my dear, you must learn to be tidier." - I was repeating myself fingering everywhere. Meanwhile, a beautiful little girl with a ponytail and two blue eyes behind glasses with pink rhinestones, was looking at me carefully.
There was an open-air market that Saturday morning. Everyone was busy doing something: buying, comparing prices, haggling, calling customers ... All but that little girl that had eyes only for me, licking her lollipop. At a certain point, without stopping to lick she pointed a finger of her free hand towards my shoulder. But yes, of course! That morning I had shouldered my backpack. I was at that market to find some old lanterns for the gnomes. Now the problem was to get out that thing the gnomes had the courage to call phone and answer nonchalantly without attracting anyone's attention and distracting especially that nice little doll who continued staring at me. I took the pole-cell with my right hand and hid my mouth with the left one. Only a slight whistle was necessary to raise a spiteful wind that tore the lollipop from the hands of that child. But contrary to what I had planned those two nice blue eyes didn't leave me. What does that saying go?
- Desperate times call for desperate measures! -
"Ssh, baby! I'm Santa Claus in disguise and I have to talk to my gnomes in Lapland. Shut up eh, I recommend! Otherwise I 'm not able to hear them." - I whispered to her ear.
She nodded, all compunctious, while the breeze returned her the lollipop. I had been right. Children are able to share our secrets. And so I could respond to those pain in the neck in Finnish, to find they had raised all that fuss just to tell me they had made a mistake about the number of lanterns. Yet they knew very well: the pole-cell was to be used only in case of extreme need! And even if I had arrived with more lanterns?
I bowed my head to greet the little girl that was looking at me now with open admiration. Too much admiration! It was time to disappear ... and while our paths were sharing I thought of a dedicated gift to give her on Christmas night.

What will Santa bring to that little girl? Be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))