Santa Claus Stories

Santa's stories: my reindeers and the measles

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 11, missing 14 days ...

... like 14 Christmas days ago when my reindeers and elks decided all together of getting measles. I don't tell you what a tragedy! Just looking at them I was anxious. Have you ever seen a reindeer or an elk with the boils of measles? Horrible!
And then my poor animals were all exhausted by fever and couldn't stand on their paws. For all the snowflakes in Lapland! And now? Who would have pulled my sled? The route had already been established and learned by them perfectly. There was no time to train other reindeers or elks.
Meanwhile, the news had flown like a lightning throughout Lapland. Every minute was good to receive curricula of other candidates. Photographs with custom number of the Call Center of Magic to call them. But that was not the solution. I was so excited that I couldn't see how to solve that intricate and urgent problem and then called all my gnomes for the Grand Council. All sitting at the big table in my kitchen we were in search of ideas. "Mumble, mumble ..." It seemed to hear the wheels turning in our brain.
At one point there was a loud and clear: - Found! -
"What, what for all my reindeers? - I blurted, agitated.
"Let 's build a jet sled! - it was the voice of Cap. Cap is a gnome of Bosco. He is called in this way because he always has a hat on his head and when he has to find a solution to a problem, he takes off his hat from his head, shakes a bit and you can be sure that an idea comes out.
This time, however, his idea did not encourage me at all.
"But Cap, I appreciate your good will, but how can you build a jet sled in less than 48 hours? And who helps me to learn how to drive it? I work only with my whip and voice. I understand nothing of flying, brake or accelerator ... they're all hellish gimmicks for me. No, no, no ... " - discouraged I had sat in my favorite chair soaking my handkerchief to wipe the sweat from my forehead.
"Do not worry Santa. We'll be able to build this new sled for you. And then it isn't said that we'll prepare a sled that works like a car. Be calm and leave the rest to us!"
In a moment they all disappeared and left me alone, immersed in my agitation. My gaze went to all the well-stacked gift boxes with lots of address. Now and then I approached the endless stacks and read a few addresses. So I was remembering all the little faces of the children I had met during the year or their touching and unique letters.
"Dear Santa ..."
How could I betray all them? I knew no magic formula that made me travel around the world on foot in 24 hours with all the packages in my sack. Well, maybe I could solve this. I could ask the girl gnome Melody of Bosco to lend me her magic basket ... Meanwhile I had missed all meals for this anxiety and had lost weight.
I hadn't seen my gnomes for 24 hours when suddenly I heard the unmistakable jingle of my sled. Had they been able to build it? I went out so fast to forget my warm hat. In front of the door there was a great sled. Glossy. All chrome plated. With a pair of fake reindeers but so well done to fool my eye. I realized they were fake because they were too bright, they seemed to be made of stars torn from the sky.
"Come on Santa, try to drive it" - Cap said to me, giving me a whip made with LEDs. I was a bit skeptical ...
"Go on. Do as if there were your reindeers ... "
Hey, kids, power of technology ... that sled was perfect. Programmed to react cracking my whip and at the sound of my voice. And then ... all the route stored in its memory. Fantastic ... like all the things used by Santa Claus. What do you think about? Was I successful that year with the delivery of Christmas gifts?
But I'm too fond of my habits and a year later I returned to my old and good sled. I could not leave without my friends and companions of life: my reindeers or elks.

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))