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Santa's stories: restaurant in skyscraper

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 4, missing 21 days, 21 as the floor of the skyscraper where there is the best restaurant ...

... the best restaurant where I 've ever entered and have eaten a sumptuous lunch. Believe me! And my word has its power if it is true that my name is Santa Claus.
Therefore, you should know that a few days ago while I was walking through the streets of that city looking for ideas for my gifts at a certain point I felt a little peckish.
Golly, I had not even had breakfast.
I deserved a nice lunch, right?
I was close to a well-known restaurant in that city.
I mirrored myself in a shop window. I was dressed well, no one would recognize me. With a gray suit, shirt, vest and tie I had the look of an old college professor who loves to pamper himself ... well, I 'm not a real university professor. But expert yes, expert of games.
My fame was up to the task. I had already cleaned properly a full plate of ravioli, eggs with truffles and many appetizing vegetables and I was going to enjoy my sweet cream when suddenly I came back to reality.
With a higher speed than my reindeers on Christmas Eve, a hard rubber ball fell on my cream like a bullet. I did not know where to begin to clean me up when a hand appeared under my nose and took the ball.
A toothless smile on a freckled and sly face appeared before me. A finger was dipped in my cream, once, twice ... three times.
"Martina, come to mama. Do not to disturb that man."
Uhhh, I knew what to bring to that mama and her child on Christmas Eve ... I got up and walked out of the room wiping in the best way I could.

What will Santa bring to them on Christmas night? Be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))