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Santa's stories: roasted chestnuts

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 6, missing 19 days, 19 as the roasted chestnuts ...

... that today has kept me at home.

Well ... I admit ... they were not 19. But two cones with 19 roasted chestnuts.
So 19 x 2 is equal to ... 38. Right?
I ate 38 roasted chestnuts yesterday and not for dinner, but as a dessert after dinner.
I could not resist the temptation. I was going to take my sled when I was attracted by a delicious smell. The last time I ate chestnuts? last year, surely. So I gave myself the permission to buy them.
"A cone? - I asked myself - Not enough for me. Let 's take two, come on!"
What a night, dear children! Well, you can imagine very well. Things that happen only to gluttons as I am. So this morning I 've been at home.
And thanks to my indigestion ... because today we have been visited by a pack of wolves!
Yeah ... wolves, I'm serious. Hungry and fierce. Something wrong is happening - I've realized at a certain point - all my elks are running too wildly. I 've been brushing my reindeers in the stable while my mooses have been moving a little outside.
I 've taken my whip and run out. The scene? dramatic. My elks running towards me and the last in line already bitten by the wolf pack leader.
Well, at that moment I've remembered who I am.
"You're Santa, right? Let your fighting spirit get out ... come on! "
And mighty as I am I've planted myself, legs apart and chest out, in the doorway. My flowing beard in the wind and mustache up!
I've started to whirl my whip. A lash, two lashes, three lashes. Not to hurt but to frighten. And I've succeeded. The wolves have run away.
The last thing I've seen were their fangs, gleaming in the sun. Phew ... I've made it, again! Treated my wounded moose the day has returned to its routine.
This year I'll have to think about my animals too, not just about you, kids :)) What do you think I'll take them?

What will Santa bring to them? Be patient until December 25 ...

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))