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Santa's stories: The crystal ball

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 20, missing 5 days ...

5 like the spells I had to do to know and fight the plan of Bertha the Witch. But, let 's go in order. To find out what happened before, you can read "six leaves."
First I needed to get in contact with my enemy and listen to any speeches of her. It could be sufficient.
To my right there was a chocolate shop. What better hiding? I could hide from the spy-leaves without any suspicion. All people know my weak side.
I went in and sat at a table behind the counter, protected from prying eyes. In the menu card I saw what I needed. I ordered the "chocolate in the globe". I was brought a round bowl, reminiscent of the witches' magic crystal ball. Ideal to establish my contact. For the whipped cream on its top, dotted with many points that simulated stars and planets, I had to wait. But what I had to do was too important. And above all, I had to be careful not to be discovered by Bertha. Otherwise ...
I surrounded the bowl with both hands, finger against finger, being very careful not to touch the container. And I concentrated, closing my eyes.
If I was lucky, Bertha was doing the same thing with her crystal ball. The spies who had unleashed behind me, the leaves, used to transmit images in this way. Directly in the sphere.
In fact ...

the witch watches her magic sphere

I saw her while she was waiting for my new images impatiently. I saw clearly the sign of the chocolate shop.
Her voice, faint, came to me. Whom was she talking with?
"That glutton, he is always gorging on sweets. And then ... he likes all food, not only sweets! Noooo. He is groped by all. Now the chocolate, maybe with cream and biscuits. I really think that he can no longer enter the houses from the chimneys thanks to his big belly!"
"That hag is talking nonsense - I thought, very angry - I enter no more the houses through chimneys just thanks to her. I have a big belly, that 's true, but holding my breath I would still have succeeded. Then the children love me as I am. And the kids write to me, wait for me, not for her."
Encouraged by these thoughts I started listening to her again. It was not still time to go into her thoughts. Too dangerous. I could have been discovered.
Surely there was a raven, close to her. I could hear it distinctly. What other animal does cra cra?
"Well, Carlos, are you lazy? Be careful, I do not like you at all. Do you want me to pluck you completely? Do you know how beautiful you'd be, naked as a worm, without any of your pens? Ah ah ah ah ah."
Her long laugh always made me prick up my beard. But I went back to listen to her.
"So ... obey! I still need at least two more bags of leaves."
"Leaves? - I thought - I think I'm close to discover the mystery."
"What the hell do you want? You are cold, aren't you? Cold?!? I'll give you the cold! Come here!"
Bertha's voice had become shrill and did not look particularly good.
Suddenly I couldn't hear anything. Bertha was evidently far from her sphere. I had to find a way to get in touch with her without being discovered. I hadn't the slightest idea about what that unpleasant woman was plotting and now it was just before Christmas Eve.
I had only three days. I could not count the day before Christmas. For that day, the route was already to be drawn because loading my sleigh was a long and extremely accurate operation. But I have already told you this story.
Do you want to know which second spell I did to learn more about the plan of Bertha the Witch? Be patient until tomorrow, kids. Read my next story.

For the moment, sweet dreams :))

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))