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Santa's stories: The eagle owl

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 23, missing 2 days ...

... 2 as the steps I did, once out of the chocolate shop, to enter the pet store next door.
I needed a bird. You will soon discover why.
Meanwhile I remember you that I had started to tell you about the adventure that happened to me last year for several days. If you have lost the thread, resume it reading "the six leaves", "magic ball", "at Bertha's" and "magic potion".
But back to us. What was I saying? Ah yes ... I needed a bird.
Why a bird in this story? Some of you may be wondering it. Confess! Eh ... eh ...
I had a plan. To contact Carlos without it got suspicious. Remember Carlos? The raven of Bertha the witch?
I walked into the pet store and asked the salesman to see the birds. He took me into an adjoining room with a set of shelves where cages of all sizes and colors were lined. When I entered all the birds went mad. You have to know, kids, I 'm also very popular among the animals and therefore someone had recognized me and now, singing, he was communicating it to everyone else. It was going on exactly what you are used to see when a famous actor is among his fans. Collective delirium.
There was a crazy roar. It was hard to follow the explanations of the very kind little man that looked around puzzled. He was accustomed to do his job in completely different conditions. The situation was even comical. Imagine his face.
Ah ah ah ah! I still laugh every time I think about it.
In the midst of this confusion I was attracted by a very dignified owl that watched me in silence. His orange eyes were fixed on me. I 've always loved owls for their proud and erect look and he probably knew it.
"What 's your name? - I asked. I did not really need to talk. I'm used to communicate with animals with the power of thought.
"Zafferano - he said.
Thus, while the salesman was offering me the best birds of the store trying to get over the infernal chaos with his shrill voice, I continued my silent conversation with that beautiful animal. We arrived to make a deal in a hurry. Very satisfactory for both.
In less than no time I was out of the store with the big cage in one hand, protected by a blanket for dogs. I paid a fortune for that bird to a stunned assistant who wasn't also able to give me the rest.
He was so stunned that he hadn't even noticed that I had torn 10 hairs in my beard - ouch! what sacrifice I made for you, children! - And that I had tied around the neck of the owl Zafferano.
My next stop was a barber's shop. I needed a good shampoo after that long stay in the store. I felt on me all the fleas and lice of this world (?!?!)
Oh, excuse me so much, maybe I 'm confused a bit. But then, was I really me? In fact there's a hole in my memory of a few hours. Since I went out from the pet store to the moment when I went out from the barber shop.
My friends gnomes told me that night I talked in my sleep. They recorded and wrote down all. This will be their Christmas gift for me when I return from my long journey. I 'm really curious.
Aren't you curious about the rest of my adventure?
See you tomorrow, kids. You'll hear some good. Word of Santa Claus!

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))