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Santa's stories: The magic potion

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 22, missing 3 days ...

... 3 like the fingers of Bertha the witch that passed in front of my eyes at a distance of one centimeter.
Then they disappeared to appear again full of leaves. Now I saw her back. She walked back to the cauldron. She seemed to be cutting something by the movement of her right arm.
"Maybe the leaves?"
Berta turned suddenly, her eyes bad and restless.
"I must not think or she will find me out!"
She took a few steps forward, always with the scissors in her hand. She was all contracted and very attentive. Her eyes scoured the room but never met mine, protected by special glasses.
Because you have to know, dear children, that I had just moved my sight there. I could not detect any smell, or hear sounds or touch anything. Just watching and not thinking. Especially not thinking.
I had created the contact through the leaves of the plant that I had moved on the table of the chocolate shop. Do you remember? And thanks to the two precious hairs of my beard. Lost forever, alas, but for a good cause. I was trying to figure out the secret plan of Bertha and protect you and your gifts on Christmas night. Otherwise, why would that witch have made me be stalked by six spy-leaves?
But let 's go back in that room so dark. The room of black magic. Too dark for me, if I think about it.
Something distracted finally Bertha. Her raven had returned. He rudely dropped a bag of leaves at her feet. Then he landed on her shoulder and began to clean the feathers with his beak. The handle of the scissors fell on his head and forced him to fly away.
The witch picked up the scissors, uncoiled a lock of her hair and ... zac! Cut its tip sharply. Then she turned to the cauldron and threw in her hair. She raised a hand, looked at it for a while and ... zac! A piece of nail joined her hair in that brown swill. The witch focused on stirring for a few minutes. And the more she stirred the more the swill changed its color. The brown was lit up with red, yellow, orange and green streaks. Suddenly some colored spots appeared on the surface. Bertha began to pick them up with a large slotted spoon, going back and forth between the cauldron and a place of the room out of my sight. At one point she stopped and began to count with the forefinger of her right hand. Then decided to come right where I was.
It was time to pull the plug.
Fiuuuh ... lucky escape! Now I could finally enjoy the snack and think of all calmly.
What did I see and what did I know? Those that had seemed to me colored spots in the cauldron actually were to be autumn leaves. So Bertha was gathering true leaves thanks to her raven and trasforming them magically, adding bits of herself. She was creating copies of herself and was also multiplying the harvested leaves. How many leaves has she got? What were they for? How much magic were they able to convey? And what kind of magic?
By the time I had no solid answers. I guess that Bertha's plan had to do with my real job: the delivery of gifts at Christmas.
It was useless to stay still in that chocolate shop. The only solution was to come into direct contact with at least one of the spy-leaves. Perhaps it would have been the way for knowing anything more. Or ...
I paid the bill and went out on the cold and windy street. My sixth polar sense intercepted the position of the six leaves immediately. Now I took the lead and I 'd have led the game in my own way.
Curious eh? Tomorrow I 'll reveal another piece of this incredible story.
Come on, under the covers! It 's time to sleep. And dream of me, please ;))

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))