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Santa's stories: The six leaves

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Santa Claus adventure in the city


December 19, missing 6 days ...

... like those spy-leaves that gave me hard times a few days before Christmas last year.
In addition to my usual pre-Christmas patrolling to understand very well what children wished, the gnomes had given me a very special assignment. A very special assignement of the last minute. Letters had arrived with an unusual request: monkeys playing the drum.
The gnomes had calculated the time required quickly. They would never have been able to build and wrap them for Christmas Eve. So they had given me the address of a prestigious craftsman specialized in these mechanisms. Surely I would have been able to find all the toys required in his craft workshop.
I had scoured the city to see if what we were preparing would have really satisfied the kids too young to write me a wishlist. I was quite pleased. It was time now to look for the craftsman's address.
I took the note but it slipped out of my hand. That day there was an annoying and cold wind that had forced everyone to cover with well knotted scarves, hats and warm gloves. Few were the brave people who defied that wind bareheaded and thay all had red cheeks just like mine. I assure you!
I addressed the piece of paper towards me with the power of thought and it was then that I realized that something was wrong. Six leaves, as I started to look around and focus, had hidden behind a plant. What were those six leaves doing? Were they playing hide and seek? But never mind! I hadn't noticed them until then, I'm sincere. That day the wind swirled and there were a lot of crazy leaves rising, whirling, jumping on things and people. But I had never seen leaves hiding.
I decided to make the indifferent and not lose sight of them. My sixth polar sense suggested not not to reach the craft workshop immediately but try to sidetrack who would be interested in me. Yes, but who?
I continued walking, nose in the air, with the aspect of a man looking for a house number. And in the end I gave up. Those leaves were just following me. Every time I stopped and turned, they disappeared. But when I walked again they came back watching every move of mine. The thing smelled and even a lot! Who was behind it? Were they leaves or not? Maybe they were magical ... But yeah, that was definitely the right answer. To have the proof I was to respond with my magic.
I put on my special glasses and my suspicions were confirmed: they were leaves and at the same time they weren't leaves. In other words, they were immaterial objects of magic. But who created them? The choice was limited to a few people. We were at Christmas ... someone wanted to prevent the delivery of gifts ... of course. Bertha the witch! I was sure. Gosh! She would have enjoyed a lot to see all children without toys on Christmas Day.
In the past I have thwarted some of her evil plans.
A year she had already prepared everything so that each child found under the tree just the gift he didn't wish.
Another time she did her best to replace each toy with a bag of coal. True eh! Not sweet.
Ah then one Christmas night I found all the chimneys closed. You can understand what effort I did! I had left that way since this night.
There was a time when she was angry with me and I didn't find any of the sweets that children were used to leave for me near the water for my reindeers. A great spite. All those cookies, chocolates, sweets and slices of panettone have always supported me in my long journey around the world.
And now what was my enemy planning?
You can know it in the story I tell you tomorrow.

By the way, we are Italians, to translate better the stories. Thank you :))