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Santa Claus home

"Oh, oh, oh ... here I am! what a smell! smell of good food ... I 'm hungry ... What 's for dinner, Cap? ".
"Surprise! - it 's the usual answer of the gnome from the great kitchen.
With a sigh of satisfaction Santa Claus prepares himself to live the best time of his busy day.
You have to know that every morning he gets up early and reaches any city on Earth with his reindeers.
He hides his sled, disguises himself and mingles with the crowd.
He looks around, takes note of the habits, looks carefully at everyone, especially children, and is frequently involved in strange adventures. How many stories he knows!
In the evening finally he returns home. The list of gifts for Christmas night is longer and longer. He gives it to Molla.
The gnome rubs his hands: the work for the next day is guaranteed. There are a lot of toys to prepare and package, seen Santa Claus notes and the letters of children delivered every morning.
Santa Claus takes off her red jacket and boots. He puts his big feet, aching, in his slippers and sits down at the table.
His hunger is stellar!
The table is cheerful. All the gnomes talk about their day with great laughs, slapping themselves on the back and joking on each other 's mistakes.
"Have you seen the doll with one eye blue and the other one ... green? and the train without tracks? Try to make it run ... ah, ah, ah, ah! ..."
Well, everyone may do a mistake but you should know that the gnomes of Bosco are really very good as manufacturers of toys. Do not worry, dear kids!
Finally full, Santa Claus sits in his favorite armchair and the gnomes on stools.
Everything is ready.
With the company of crackling wood in the fireplace, in this nice and warm corner, Santa Claus begins to tell ...

From December 1, Santa Claus will keep you company with a story every day.
Come here! Visit him in his house, you are welcome!

Santa 's stories day by day.

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